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Sunland RV Resorts

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About Sunland RV Resorts

Our mission is for guests to authentically be inspired to simply arrive and shine at one of our friendly resorts. From the tropical sunny beaches of Florida to the thrilling adventures of the west coast of California, Sunland RV Resorts showcases unique experiences for all types of travelers.

Sunland RV Resorts are sited in the most attractive destinations. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the excitement of the surrounding area or relax in the luxurious comforts of the resort and can expect meticulously maintained facilities, expert hospitality, full hookup sites and temperature-controlled pools and spas. Sunland RV Resorts is committed to giving guests the space to breathe and the experience to take one’s breath away.

Sunland RV Resorts is proud to stand behind a resort-wide pet-friendly initiative. Pets are not only welcome but also encouraged through the many events centered on pets, including Bark and Wine, Pet Parades and Yappy Hours. Sunland RV Resorts believe pets should also enjoy the luxuries of a resort lifestyle through our many updated on-site dog parks, as well as tasty treats that are always offered at the front desks.

We are passionate about greening our resorts in an effort to help reduce waste and water consumption across all 9 properties. By integrating a responsibility program that encourages our employees and guests alike to consider the environment, while enjoying the great outdoors, we believe in creating solutions to improve our operations.

In 2019, we have been able to save over 10,800 water bottles from reaching landfills, reduced water consumption by installing low flow systems and showerheads throughout all resorts bathrooms, cottages, and villas.

With our resorts welcoming thousands of visitors each year, we recognize we have a responsibility to share this knowledge and its positive impacts it has on not just the planet, but our lives as a whole, as we strive to protect the world’s limited resources.