Seabel Hotels Tunisia has signed up to iWTX

September, 2020

Seabel Hotels Tunisia

Seabel Hotels Tunisia has signed up to iWTX and is available for our network of connected partners to access

About Seabel Hotels Tunisia

The Seabel properties are undeniably upmarket references amongst Tunisia's Resorts. Seabel Hotels Tunisia have awarded several times, for the quality of their welcome, services and their know-how in hospitality field for more than 20 years.

In Djerba or in Port El Kantaoui, the Seabel hotels enable you to experience your stay of quite a unique nature thanks to the perfect alliance of a privileged site, an architecture which is both authentic and modern at the same time, a refined décor and unceasing attention to their guests.

Whether you come with your family or with friends, each of our hotels will provide you with everything you need to embellish the memories of your stay: Spa treatment, golf, tennis, nautical sports, excursions, a variety of dishes, huge beaches and spacious rooms… without forgetting our personnel which pays attention to every detail and which provides the key of successful holidays.

Our values: sharing and the respect of nature for responsible tourism.

"Sharing bread and salt": this is the symbol of fraternity for Tunisians, creating between individuals a pact which no one would dare to break. The Seabel Hotels chain, since its origins, has been a family-run business and sharing with its clientele and staff, is always amongst its top-most values. Our clientele and our staff are so grateful, so they reward us with their fidelity!

Our gardeners and cooks are amongst the most important persons in our hotels. The former take care of the environment of our establishments and the latter make the most of the products from local agriculture which is nature's respectful. Thus at the Seabel Alhambra, our chefs are proud to serve you olive oil which comes from the hotels ‘olive trees. In Djerba we support local nature preservation projects whereby we also encourage traditional cropping methods.