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About Taj Hotels & Resorts

The hallmark of Indian hospitality, Taj personifies tradition and warmth. With hotels ranging across iconic locations, living palaces, exotic resorts and scenic safaris, Taj delivers unmatched experiences and lasting memories for guests around the world. With a service culture that has been nourished over 115 years and practised across 50 global destinations, Taj is all about the heart behind the process.

Forming a major part of IHCL, Taj Hotels are renowned worldwide for their extraordinary commitment towards providing luxury hospitality. Each of the luxury hotels sets an example of opulence—born from flavourful local culture and world-class amenities. At Taj, guests from around the world find comfort in the stately, tastefully designed rooms, offering unhindered views of the destination, while providing convenient in-room facilities.

Another discerning aspect of Taj is their ability to provide a culinary experience unlike any other. Many of our award-winning restaurants serve both, as well as the essentially global cuisine; providing guests with a masterfully balanced taste.

Fulfilling the purpose of a guest’s visit takes top priority at Taj. Be it a significant meeting, a crucial conference, a much-awaited get-together, or an affair of a lifetime—a wedding; at Taj, occasions turn into memories. Plush banquets adapt seamlessly to the nature of the event, while functioning with incredible efficiency and poise, displaying Taj’s spirit of hospitality at its peak.