Palazzo Versace Dubai partners with Illusions Online and iWTX

May, 2019

Palazzo Versace Dubai

The collaboration will enable automated distribution of both static and dynamic inventory to the trade partners.

Palazzo Versace Dubai has announced a strategic partnership with Illusions Online, which will help the hotel streamline the current disparate distribution channels, allowing for greater efficiency, productivity and speed to market.

Palazzo Versace will be distributing a combination of static and dynamic inventory, both directly to key partners and out to the entire growing network of iWTX’ distribution partners. The property will be able to benefit from a significant reduction in manual, error-prone booking & confirmation processes, ultimately allowing agents to manage a booking within their own systems.

The iWTX Solution will also allow Palazzo Versace to connect to their Tour Operator and DMC partners, without the pain of having to go through a certification and contracting process for each connection. iWTX will manage all the connectivity & distribution and provide Palazzo Versace with visibility of each booking, allowing them to own the relationship with each customer and pick and choose whom they would like to contract directly. iWTX also helps to reduce the credit risk that hotels are exposed to by ensuring buyers utilise the mandatory VCC facility inbuilt on the platform.

"We are very excited to be partnering with Palazzo Versace Dubai and are extremely proud to bring such a high-quality hotel online and in the world of our joint partners. We have listened closely to the requirements and needs of our partners and are very excited to launch the property’s very own B2B partner portal, which allows for scalable distribution, payment automation, and booking transparency, as well as providing a very clear strategy to migrate to a fully dynamic distribution model," said Faisal Memon, Founder & CEO, Illusions Online & iWTX.

As well as using the iWTX marketplace to streamline connectivity and distribution, Palazzo Versace Dubai has also signed up to an Illusions powered partner booking portal that will empower clients to shop, book, manage their bookings as well as pay online. As with the connectivity, the site will allow partners to procure both static and dynamic inventory all in one place, while providing the property with a roadmap to a wholly compelling distribution offering.

"Palazzo Versace Dubai is equally excited to partner with iWTX. We strongly believe that this collaboration will expand our distribution reach within the B2B and B2C partners and pave the way for a strategic partnership, providing instant availability, rates, and confirmation. All these will enhance the administration process of the loading and the management of the booking process, ensuring speed to market, which is the key to any business", said Sandra Tikal, General Manager of Palazzo Versace Dubai.


Reminiscent of a 16th century Italian Palace, Palazzo Versace Dubai is a Neoclassical masterpiece with subtle traces of Arabian architecture. Featuring a striking entrance, high ceilings, landscaped gardens, and a range of well-crafted Italian furnishings, the hotel is truly symbolic of the Versace lifestyle.

Set in the heart of the Jaddaf Waterfront, less than 15 minutes away from Dubai International Airport and eight minutes away from Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai, Palazzo Versace Dubai is conveniently located along the shores of the historic Dubai Creek.

Every single piece of furniture and fabric that adorns the hotel’s 215 hotel rooms and suites, and 169 residences, is designed and tailor-made by Versace exclusively for the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai. Each of the hotel’s 8 restaurants and bars is designed to have an al fresco terrace to reflect the heritage of Palazzos, where the internal court was the informal space to meet, dine and enjoy the weather. The three outdoor pools are decorated with mosaic tiles and surrounded by palm trees and flowers. The beautifully landscaped gardens and unobstructed views of the Dubai Creek and skyline, make this luxury hotel an ideal venue for weddings and social events in Dubai. UAE developer ENSHAA in conjunction with Versace developed Palazzo Versace Dubai, a hotel and residential project, which opened in November 2015.