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About Laguna Resorts & Hotels

Laguna Resorts & Hotels Public Company Limited (The Company) was founded in 1983. It shortly thereafter acquired a large parcel of land on the site of an abandoned tin mine at Bangtao Bay, Phuket, Thailand which was later developed to become the Laguna Phuket integrated resort complex.

Major businesses of the Company and its subsidiaries (The Group) are hotel business and property development. The subsidiaries also engage in operating a golf club, sales of merchandise, office and resort rental and sales of holiday club memberships.


To be a leading international hotel and property developer with full commitment to environmental protection, social responsibility and maximum satisfaction to all stakeholders with an aim to pursue sustainable long-term business value development.


The Company has a clearly defined corporate mission designed to further its business aims and generate maximum returns for its shareholders. Principal in the Company’s mission statement is to include a culture of cooperation between the hotels and business units to ensure a positive experience for each and every hotel guest, holiday club member and property owner in Laguna Phuket, its most significant investment. In order to avoid an over reliance on its operations in Laguna Phuket, the Company continues to diversify its investment portfolio away from Phuket by investing in projects in other parts of Thailand and within the Southeast Asia region and the People’s Republic of China. Paramount in its mission of generating continued growth through expansion, innovation and maximisation of market share, the Company seeks to conduct its operations in an environmentally sensitive manner.