iWTX 5.0 goes LIVE


iWTX 5.0 goes LIVE

We are very excited to announce the upgrade of our iWTX platform to iWTX 5.0

The upgrade is a complete re-write of our architecture & underlying cloud technology.

  • ARI processing from our hotel partners has been massively improved to process all availability, rates & inventory updates in real-time.
  • Improved efficiency of searches and booking response times
  • A lot of additional functionalities & optimizations have been added to ensure smooth access to all our global dynamic hotel product.
  • As part of the phased roll-out, we will be adding 6,500+ hotels of Hilton group & 6,000+ hotels of IHG worldwide, over the coming weeks.

iWTX 5.0 has been a significant investment of time & resources along with a global effort to create the most modern & sophisticated hotel distribution platform for dynamic hotel rates.


As part of this upgrade today, we are rolling out an additional 1300+ hotels (Download Hotel List) across 104 chains, which will be available for you to distribute. Please confirm that you have correctly mapped them at your end.

Please ask your technology team to update the endpoints at your end.


(Application/XML or JSON)
Item Price/Book/Cancel/Retrieve


Please confirm once the endpoints are updated at your respective ends for us to be able to monitor.

For any queries or issues, please feel free to email


We look forward to your feedback on the upgrade & continued support as part of this roll-out.

Thank you,
The iWTX Team