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Brief history

With over 20 years of experience meeting the needs of the travel industry across five continents, and winner of numerous travel technology awards, Illusions is a global leader in supplying its enterprise systems to Tour Operators, Travel Agents and Destination Management Companies.

Illusions Online was established in 1997 by entrepreneur Faisal Memon, to modernise and automate the complex task of creating, distributing and delivering dynamically packaged travel and destination activities.

In 2010, Illusions saw an opportunity to make the hotel, tour, transfer and package data it holds available to its own clients and third parties to trade (book), effectively creating the first on-line global B2B market place for land-based travel, named iWTX.

Since its inception, iWTX has transformed into a worldwide distribution platform for leading global hotel chains, who are pushing both static and dynamic inventory to the iWTX extended network of travel industry buyers. iWTX is the worlds first, truly global, land-based travel marketplace – connecting all levels of the industry in a free-market environment.