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Position: Quality Assurance Manager
Department: Operations
Location: Dubai, UAE
Immediate Supervisor / Reporting to: Head of Operations
Number of Employees Supervised: 1


To embed Quality Assurance as a key discipline within the organisation.


  1. Achieve high levels of customer satisfaction with regard the quality of software releases.
  2. Minimise the number of post-release bugs and bug fixes.
  3. Raise awareness of Quality Assurance across the organisation and, in particular among other members of Operations.
  4. Introduce Quality Assurance concepts and tools, including software to manage testing. Identify opportunities to automate testing and work with colleagues to implement automation where possible.


  1. Manages all aspects of the internal testing process, including test planning, test script preparation and execution and follow up on test results.
  2. Develops an effective database of tests and a methodology for regression testing. Runs regressions tests as appropriate.
  3. Works with Manager Product Development to ensure that Functional Specification are clear and fully understood by Operations as early as possible in the development life cycle and well before testing is scheduled to commence.
  4. Ensures that failed tests are appropriately classified, communicated to Tech and re-tested.
  5. Signs off on all releases prior to patching to live.
  6. Maintains a list of patches which have not yet been fully rolled out. Ensures that they are rolled out to other clients at the earliest opportunity.
  7. Trains and coaches colleagues in Operations on testing and quality assurance.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related discipline.
  2. At least 6 years’ experience in Quality Assurance roles.


  1. Ability to think logically and in a very structured way.
  2. Interest and ability in problem solving.
  3. Driven to achieve results even in the face of considerable adversity.
  4. Change agent

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